Friday, August 27, 2010

i need to further study .. al kisah

ya..terfikir di fikiran nak sambung master.

But tak tahu lagi field yang sesuai.

thinking of .. Health Psychology or Clinical Psychology.

Since currently i'm working under ministry of health..

So better in line with my current interest.

There is always hope here and there.

so to further study , Do I ...

1 - have to wait till third years seniority, so that i have opportunity to be sponsored by ministry .. IF..

2 - have to sacrifice my own time and money to travel over the weekend in case my institution was not within the territory of workplace and i've to 'korek' my own pocket to pay the tuition fees and all that thingy ...

3 - have to transfer within the institution territory so that i can cut the cost of traveling and timing consuming as well ...
~ bila nak dapat pindah? that question mark.

4 - need to further study .. ?

Think and think till end up with 'penyesalan'


  1. silalah sambung pon kat malaysia ade health psi ke?

    clinical pon ade kt ukm je kn?..ermm..bley x nk p oversea further master?..bkn phd?..plz2..

  2. my lecturer dulu amik health psyc kat US now end being a psychologist at Prince Court .

    Clinical ade kat UKM jek. Health baru lagi kat IIUM.

    Nk further kat oberC..? bole jek . mintak ngan KKM. better amik PhD kat luar lah biar Master in house jek.