Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ringgit Malaysia

Kenali Ringgit Malaysia anda di

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Date: 25 – 29 December 2008
Day: Thursday – Monday
Event: ‘Balek Kampung – Muar’

Last week which is on 25 Dec 2008 (Thur), morning at 8.30am me going back to Kampong – Muar. Yayy holiday… 26 December 2008 is my niece bufday..Hanis Humairah. She already 3 years old. Even she is a gurl but very the notty. Her Abang will be on next year, January 29..what I want give for his bufday..??? For Hanis, I’m not giving anything yet but for her bufday last week Me is the main sponsor for her party. . Even simple but yet happening laa..
During holiday, im not goin anywhere just stay at home accompany my family. Just want be with my parents and siblings that’s all.
My kakak ipar, after grad from KPLI she has been posted at Kota Masai, JB. Mug I, jauh gile. For that reason my brother will be ‘bachelor’ again and will keep watching their children yang very notty giler giler. My sister in law will appeal with KPM to be transfer from JB to Muar InshaAllah will get the result next 2/3 month later.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Date: 24 Disember 2008
Day: Wednesday
Time: 10 a.m

Today KPLI result come out. This is for Jan 2009 intake. KPLI handled by MOE (Ministry of Education). For those apply last year, going through the examination and interview got their result today. My friend got a good news: Nieza (IP Kedah), Nazri (IP Lipis), Nasir (IP Sarawak), Adam (IP Port Dickson) and Auzae'e (UPSI).

My Sister in law, just graduate from KPLI programme. She was posted at Kota Masai, Johor Bharu.

So, for those got bad news may try appeal. This appeal will release around February 3, 2008. Hopefully you guys will got a chance to study at IP.

* IP = Institut Perguruan

Monday, December 22, 2008

Trip to Bagan Lalang

Date: 21 December 2008
Time: 4.45PM
Venue: Bagan Lalang, Sepang
Members: Me, Nurul & Hubby, Imran, Fahmi & wife (Nura) + Yusoff (their babby) + Bibik diorg

This time me follow Sis Nurul & Azwan go looking for 'makan angin' at Bagan Lalang, Sepang. Nurul bring over her Nasi Lemak+peanuts+ikan bilis+Sambal petai (super special tempatan puya lahh). Me just bring my pot; not really that luck (Cekediss+soda water+tea home made+cakes). From Shah Alam around 3.30pm then arrive at Sepang at 4.30pm.
When we arrive, we are looking for space to park & picnic. Lastly, found 1 tree that suit for us. Wow very nice and cute so call.
Around 5.30pm, Fahmi & his Wife + Imran just arrive. Bring over my favorite muffin. Thanks you all. Chocolate muffin with cheese + choc chip. Wow superb beb!!!
Night before going back, we going for dinner. we eat Ikan Masak Steam Halia+Sutun Goreng+Kepah+Sayur campur. Me order Ayer Kelapa.
Then, plan to go back already. Send back our colleague, Imran to Bangi. Arrive around 10.30pm. Going back to Shah Alam already 11.15pm.
Huhuhuh tired already. Arrive at home, take a shower, Solat, sleepp zzzz.......12.30pm

argh...tomorrow working .


Date: 19 December 2008
Time: 9.30 PM
Venue: Padang Jawa
Member: Me, Adam, Nurul Aznil & Hubby (Azwan)
Price: RM3

This is my first time eating Bakso. Superb, rase nak makan lagi jek. Nextime la plak with the big group member office mate. I think you all should try. Y not? So special if you wanna go there, bit thriller lahh. Here bit info bout Bakso for you all did not notice about Bakso.

" Bakso (Meatball Soup) Meatball soup is just as popular in Indonesia as nasi goreng. It is sold from street side stalls, or push carts that make their rounds through the neighborhoods. Bakso is sold from late afternoon and throughout the night.

The preparation requires more time than our fried rice recipe. You will like bakso just as much as all Indonesians, so let's prepare enough for four servings. We'll start with the meatballs and then continue with the soup.
If you have a well stocked Oriental (Chinese, Indonesian, Thai or Vietnamese) grocery store in your neighborhood, you will find ready-made beef or fish balls there. Otherwise, preparing the meatballs yourself goes as follows.
In a blender mash beef or white fish with salt and garlic. To improve the consistency add cassava flour or corn flour (after the blending). Add a bit of water as needed. Roll the mixture into balls of not more than 2 cm or 1" diameter. Boil the meat balls until they're done. Throw away the water.

Prepare the soup as follows:
Make a strong broth from beef marrow. Let it cook until its oil surfaces. Add crushed garlic, pepper, salt and a bit of sugar or vetsin (which contains monosodium glutamate). According to the Indonesian way of cooking it's not possible to give exact quantities of the ingredients. It all goes according to personal taste and, most importantly, feeling.
Finally add the beef balls you already prepared and sliced tofu and let it all cook until the beef balls come to the surface. Finish it off with finely cut celery.

You may like to 'beef up' the contents of the soup with boiled noodles. The noodles go into the serving bowl first, followed by the beef or fish balls, tofu and the soup.

Serve with finely cut celery, sweet soy sauce, chili, and fried onions according to each individual's taste. "

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Bola Bowling MEDIU

This is the way we spend our time together with our colleagues at office MEDIU. Especially during money come in to our bank account lahh.

Vanue: One Utama, Bandar Damansara
Time: 9pm
Date: 28 November 2008 / Friday
Members: Me, Nurul & Hubby, Hazwein & Hubby, Kamal & Fiance, Shahnazim & GF, Tariq & Cousin (Walid), Ahmad Zakaria, Farid Jailani, Kak Sharifah & Niece (Salwa), and last but not least Adam Zurairi.

Photo: credit to Sis Nurul Aznil & Hubby

Welcome to the Blogger World

This is my first babie blog..
Im thinking of writing blog eventhough im not truly blogger but i try my best to the blogger.
So last week i decide to start create my blog.
First thing, i'm think of my Blog 'susah la weh'. but at the end "Ceritera December" come to my mind. Ok what..?? ok lah.
The best thing about the blog is we can write anything about ourlife and it will longlasting..
if we write in diary of course, we afraid that it gonna lost anywhere
so i decide to blogging. For 'my future' also...