Monday, December 22, 2008

Trip to Bagan Lalang

Date: 21 December 2008
Time: 4.45PM
Venue: Bagan Lalang, Sepang
Members: Me, Nurul & Hubby, Imran, Fahmi & wife (Nura) + Yusoff (their babby) + Bibik diorg

This time me follow Sis Nurul & Azwan go looking for 'makan angin' at Bagan Lalang, Sepang. Nurul bring over her Nasi Lemak+peanuts+ikan bilis+Sambal petai (super special tempatan puya lahh). Me just bring my pot; not really that luck (Cekediss+soda water+tea home made+cakes). From Shah Alam around 3.30pm then arrive at Sepang at 4.30pm.
When we arrive, we are looking for space to park & picnic. Lastly, found 1 tree that suit for us. Wow very nice and cute so call.
Around 5.30pm, Fahmi & his Wife + Imran just arrive. Bring over my favorite muffin. Thanks you all. Chocolate muffin with cheese + choc chip. Wow superb beb!!!
Night before going back, we going for dinner. we eat Ikan Masak Steam Halia+Sutun Goreng+Kepah+Sayur campur. Me order Ayer Kelapa.
Then, plan to go back already. Send back our colleague, Imran to Bangi. Arrive around 10.30pm. Going back to Shah Alam already 11.15pm.
Huhuhuh tired already. Arrive at home, take a shower, Solat, sleepp zzzz.......12.30pm

argh...tomorrow working .

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