Monday, January 19, 2009

AJL 23

Date: 18 Januari 2009
Day: Sunday
Venue: Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

What the big event! OMG! i'm so excited gile nk pegi. My excitement become higher when Adam wish to join me. Ticket given by friend of friend Nurul Aznil. Thanks alot to her and her friends. If not, me and Adam are not at AJL Live from Bukit Jalil.

We arrive around 6pm. Mingle around the stadium to find car parking. There also some people perform on stage for HotFM out-conti live. They all are not really bad sing a song their favorite artist.

OK. While waiting the gate open to public, we met some artist on red carpet. So boring, not really much artist on red carpet.

Sharp 7.30pm we got to get in to the hall. so many people. look around for the position. argh..cannot find the better but at least we have 2 seats left. OK la not bad this view. just seat ther but me & Adam little bit far away. cannot be together laa.

9pm the event begin...hahahaha the opening superb!

till 11.30pm we got the result...

Best performance - Faizal Tahir
Best vocal - Faizal Tahir
Best song (Balad) - Faizal Tahir / Sampai Syurga
Best song (Ethnic Creative) - Farawahida / Persoalan Cinta
Best song (Pop Rock) - M.U.H (Hanya Untukmu)
JUARA LAGU - Hanya Untukmu (M.U.H)

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