Tuesday, April 14, 2009

" This is when I was ... "

This is ... when i was try to help out for BBQ but when they are not try to help me out.

This is ... when i was 'olok-olok buat kije'

This is ... when i (and somebody) was try to give cool pose but Fauzie did you realize? is not working lahhh...

This is ... when i was at the age of 35-40 years old maybe..
(did i look like him (pakcik in green batek)? huh..my colleagues said so)

This is ... when i was snapped without further notice,
(urghhh...!!! naseb baek in smile mode)

This is ... when i was forced to be in the picture
(forced by the ladies... say bye-bye to Adam)

This is ... when i was muda-mudi in IIUM Matriculation Center
(from left: Cicoi, Kurt, Fauzi, Nizam, Ali Akbar, Hafiz Ganu, Rosman, Pie'e, and Kamal)

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